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Nancy - How Sluggo Survives!

Nancy - How Sluggo Survives! at The Book Palace

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Nancy's "boyfriend" Sluggo was a character of some mystery. Cartoonist Ernie Bushmiller (23 August 1905 – 15 August 1982) depicted Sluggo, a young boy, as living alone in a ramshackle house with no adult supervision. He wore clothes with patches. He had no visible means of support. His "house" was furnished with only the bare necessities. Holes in his walls revealed plaster and lathe-work.

All of which begged a question which became the title of the book: How Sluggo Survives, the second in a series of "theme" collections based on Nancy & Sluggo newspaper comic strips.

To make matters worse, Sluggo was a lazy boy, summarized by his sleeping pose ("sawing wood") on his button. Today somebody would call social services, but for decades no one in the neighbourhood intervened. The mystery persists.

Author: Ernie Bushmiller
Artist: Ernie Bushmiller
Publisher: Kitchen Sink Press, 1989
Number of pages: 90
Format: Soft Cover; Black & White illustrations
Size: 9" x 11" (220mm x 280mm)
Condition: F - Fine

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