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John Millar Watt
Hiram, the King of Tyre (from The Bible Story) (Original) (Signed)

Hiram, the King of Tyre (from The Bible Story) (Original) (Signed) by John Millar Watt at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: MillarWattHiram (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: John Millar Watt (biography)
Medium: Acrylic on Board
Size: 12" x 16" (300mm x 410mm)
Date: 1964
Signature: Signed by Artist lower left on end of log

This is the Signed original Acrylic painting by John Millar Watt.

When King Solomon planned to build the Temple at Jerusalem, he sent for Hiram for timber and craftsmen. Hiram agreed to provide fir and cedar wood and skilled workers in return for 20,000 measures of wheat and 20 measures of oil a year.

Our picture shows Hiram choosing the trees to be felled. Solomon's men and Hiram's worked side by side to build the magnificent Temple, which was decorated inside by Hiram's clever craftsmen in bronze, copper and gold (1 Kings 5, 6).

One of Millar Watt's fabulous paintings created for the illustration on p24 of The Bible Story issue no 18 (4 July 1964).

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John Millar Watt

John Millar Watt